Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finding Discounted Insurance For Young Drivers Made Easy

The risk of accidents increase by 77% when consuming alcohol by a certain survey, followed by drugs and medications for 58% of respondents. 17% of 15-24 year olds admitted driving after drinking alcohol or Taking drugs. Other causes of accidents revealed by the survey are speeding the car, failure to respect the rules on the road and fatigue. Almost 30% of young drivers were involved in those kind of accidents.

Good news, however, many young drivers believe that the fear of getting at risk in an accident increase their tendency to traffic laws and be more careful on the roads. As a safe measure they started to look for insurance but how to find a good and cheap insurance for young drivers?

Finding Discounted Insurance Made Easy List:

1. Choose a small displacement. The insurance is cheaper if you opt for a less powerful car. Indeed, from a number of kilowatt (kW), some companies are any more inclined to ensure a young driver at favorable rates.

2. Find the best conditions. If you have circulated for several years without a moped accident, play it in the negotiation. If you have other experiences, such as driving a minibus business for a summer job, do you make a statement. This will be a valuable asset in negotiations.

3. Start in your neighborhood, target the dad, mom, or another family member's insurers. You will often receive a discount. Use this friendly setting to create trust. Brokers and insurance agents treat you differently if your parents certainly are known as experienced drivers. Anyway, children and loyal customers generally get better terms.

4. It is important to compare offers from different insurers. Contact several brokers and ask them to tender.

5. Also consider contacting an independent broker. It is his job to know the offers of several insurance companies. The broker can perhaps recommend a company offering tailored rates for young drivers.

That's it! 5 easy hints for you. Hope you guys know full well on how to find good car insurance.