Saturday, August 28, 2010

Car Insurance: Young Men Pay Much Higher Premiums

The cost of car insurance for young drivers are already higher than most of the older road users. For men under 25 years, the insurance of their vehicle are expected to be even more expensive.

Young men can often be described as adventurous - the young drivers often meets to a different characterization: inexperienced and cocky. Since it is not surprising that it cause the driver of age 18 to 24 years, about twice as many accidents as the general population. In addition, young men are about four times as frequently killed in road accidents as the same age. This resulted in a study by the Federal Statistical Office.

Given these figures, it hardly surprises anyone that young road users of the insurance companies asked to pay more. A recent study found that men are charged under 23 (some insurance companies also under 25) in otherwise identical conditions at about 30 percent higher premiums than older citizens.

A little cheaper it is, however, if a woman is sitting behind the wheel. Since women cause fewer accidents, according to statistics, they are rewarded by automobile insurers with lower contributions. On average, pay less than 23-year-olds about nine percent less than their male peers.

In order to pay lower premiums for young drivers, there are two possibilities. They could, for example, insure their vehicles as second cars of the parents in order to reduce costs. The disadvantage is that the driver would not rise even in the claims category.

Another option would be to transfer the no claims discounts of third parties. Question came here as the grandparents. In many cases, be the driver, however, reported to the person in a household. But this variant also has certain disadvantages. Thus, only the years to be recognized, in which the driver itself has remained accident-free. Must also do without the third person to have all its claims discount.

Young drivers can also save a lot of money by various insurance providers compare. The tariffs are often very far apart, sometimes even up to 60 percent! Young drivers, the first time a motor vehicle insurance on their behalf to complete, should also check whether their case further discounts are possible in. For example, there are vendors, where you with a no-claims of class or 2 ½ can enter directly.